Welcome to the All-New Passholdr

September 30, 2017

Today’s the day! Today is the launch of the all-new Passholdr.com!

Some of you may have been familiar with the old Passholdr which was tested about a year ago. If you were, this new website probably looks completely different, save for the name and color scheme (I like purple, sue me). If not, it should, because the new Passholdr is completely rebuilt from the ground up.

If you were familiar with the old site, you’ll probably notice one big difference. The old Passholdr was built to be a sort of social networking site for theme park fans to share their in-park experiences. You may notice that this new Passholdr has a much broader emphasis on information and history. This is a preliminary change in focus in order to allow the site to grow more quickly. In the coming months, many of the social features from the old site will be implemented, as well as some all-new fun features.

This is a good opportunity to explain what Passholdr is not: Passholdr is not a theme park news site. There are plenty of established, reputable news sites covering every park and attraction in the area. Passholdr is meant to be a love letter to the theme park super-nerds who annoy their friends and family talking about their last trip, who constantly listen to podcasts and on-ride audio, and who tweet about extinct attractions and nothing but.

If that describes you, here’s what Passholdr is: a great resource for learning more about theme parks. There are articles, which includes their histories, facts, dates, scripts, photographs, and more. Currently, Passholdr features the following full articles:

Passholdr also includes some great tools:

  • The Filter tool lets you generate a table based on a number of criteria, and then sort based on any data point. Want to know which attractions have the highest capacities, or which resort hotels have the most rooms? That’s what the Filter is for.
  • The Map tool is a large interactive map that includes noteworthy theme park locations: attractions, lands, hotels, and more. It also includes a timeline slider that goes from the current date, all the way back to the earliest theme park events. By sliding the timeline, you can visualize the parks at any point in their existence.
  • The Calendar tool shows the significant events in theme park history: openings, closures, major changes, and more.
  • The Timeline tool gives the entire chronological history of the parks, from beginning to end.

Over time, the goal of Passholdr is to become a digital hub for theme park fans. In a way, we have the same goals as Epcot: to entertain, inform, and even inspire. There are big ideas in the works.

Now that Passholdr has launched, the next steps will be to build out the remaining articles. Locations such as restaurants, shows, and past attractions have yet to be added, and most articles have yet to include their full content. But as content is added, we will keep you updated, primarily on Twitter. Follow us for the latest updates.

Finally, we also need your help. Passholdr already includes hundreds of articles with thousands of data points. If you see any incorrect information, or errors of any kind, please let us know.

Thanks so much for your support. Welcome again and enjoy the site!